CORONA-PANDEMIE – Current information

Dear patients, During the current Corona pandemic, the practice continues to operate. We are taking a number of infection control measures (e.g., there is an air filtration system in every room) to protect you and especially elderly patients and pregnant patients, but also not least our staff. Against the background of the current situation, we would like to ask you to observe the following things before visiting the practice:

When visiting our practice, please do not bring any companions at this time. We know there are appointments where your partner would like to accompany you. In such cases, we ask you to consult with us in advance.

You can keep your appointment as before. However, in case of fever and cold symptoms, please consult with us by phone beforehand.

For any reasonable suspicion of coronavirus infection, please call the following hotline 428284000 or physician call 116117 and do not go to the doctor’s office.

Current information can be found on the following websites below.

For your support and understanding, thank you very much. Stay healthy!

Gabriele Anker
Coronavirus – FAQ für schwangere Frauen und ihre Familien (Bitte verlinken mit dem PDF Dokument vom DGGG)

Currently, there is no evidence that pregnant women are at greater risk from the novel coronavirus than the general population.

Here you will find information on coronavirus for pregnant women.
The information has been published by the German Association of Gynecologists (BVF) and the German Society for Gynecology and Obstetrics. (BVF) and the German Society for Gynecology and Obstetrics e. V. (Die GGG) united it German Bord in the German Board and College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (GBCOG) on specific risks of covid 19 virus infection.

Corona virus information for cancer patients (DGHO)