Desire to have children

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Many couples share the desire to have a child. However, about one in six couples in Germany does not succeed in getting pregnant. There are numerous reasons for this, which can lie with both the woman and the man. Therefore, the clarification is always directed at both partners. The first step in diagnosis for the woman is a detailed cycle history combined with ultrasound examinations of the ovaries and uterus as well as hormone diagnostics. At the same time, the man should have a spermiogram performed by a urologist. Once all the results are available, further treatment options can be discussed.

An unfulfilled desire to have children can often be traced back to disturbances in the hormone balance.

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Hormone treatment in women aims to promote egg maturation and trigger ovulation. In this way, the probability of successful fertilization can be increased. Hormone treatment usually begins on the third to fifth day after the onset of menstruation. The medication can be given orally as tablets (clomiphene or letrozole) or as an injection. There are also hormonal disorders that are treated with a so-called hormone pump. If the follicle then matures, ovulation can be triggered if the follicle has reached a size of about 20 mm. This can be triggered by the administration of another hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). In this way, it is possible to recommend on which days sexual intercourse has the best chance of fertilization.