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The contraceptive injection is a pre-filled syringe that contains progestogen and is normally injected into the buttocks. This method works by disrupting maturation of the egg and preventing ovulation. In addition, hormone-induced changes lead to a thickening of the cervical mucus, making it difficult for sperm to move through the cervix. Long-term use of the contraceptive injection may result in a decrease in bone density, which increases the risk of developing osteoporosis. For this reason, it is recommended that the contraceptive injection is not used for longer than 2 years.

Pearl Index: 0,3-1,4


  • no decrease in effectiveness due to diarrhoea/vomiting
  • can be used while breastfeeding
  • reliable form of contraception for users who are required to take medication for epilepsy
  • prevents cycle-related migraines


  • change in bleeding patterns – disruption to menstruation, especially during the first 6 months and periods may stop altogether later on
  • once use is discontinued, it may take time for regular ovulation to resume
  • possible decrease in bone density, use should therefore be limited to 2 years
  • possible side effects include water retention, headaches and anxiety